What we do

MISSION: develop and implement innovative, workable access solutions for biopharma/biotech companies and other healthcare providers by integrating access strategy and implementation, including external stakeholder interactions.

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Access opportunities

By testing core hypotheses on asset/compound benefits in health economic and pricing models and by working with payer landscaping to get insights into pricing, reimbursement and HTA experiences for therapeutic areas/indications in critical markets. The outcome of this work supports buying/selling negotiations, and is an important tool in tough internal product prioritizations.

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Access strategies and plans

In close collaboration with our clients, anchored in our strong local payer insights, for example: (i) value evidence – including post-launch plans, (ii) value story – including a Global Value Pack, (iii) Health Economic and Outcomes Research, (iv) Health Technology Assessment, (v) pricing and reimbursement and (vi) Communication - including Government Affairs and Advocacy.

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Access related activities

By working closely with our clients, their brand teams, local affiliates or other internal constellations, to execute agreed plans and strategies. Our ambition is to be perceived as part of the team. We have the experience and capability to support our clients with direct interactions, negotiations and/or communications with payer and HTA-related customers.

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