Two-part Pricing for Patent-protected Medicines

Two-part Pricing for Patent-protected Medicines Poster presented at ISPOR International Meeting in Philadelphia, May 16-20, 2015 Many new medicines are targeting small patient populations. In order to recoup R&D costs, the medicines are highly priced. A dilemma is that the price per patient (or pill or vial) can be seen as blocking access. As the … Continued

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Flexible Pricing Mechanisms

Flexible Pricing Mechanisms: Are Payer and Manufacturer Ready? Presentation at the European Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Meeting in London, October 6, 2015 There is major frustration on current drug pricing approaches from all stakeholders. The issues are primarily related to early access, value-for-money, affordability and equity. Historically, pricing has been based on uniform pricing schemes, … Continued

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